Certified Architect offers qualitative individual projects and design services.
We offer to develop individual projects – new buildings, reconstruction, renovation, simple renovation, 3D visualization, etc.


Project attraction

To start constructions Latvian legislation requires An approved project and on that basis a permit. Attraction project on land and Construction Board necessary coordination of the following documents:

  • APU – architectural planning task issued by the municipal building authority.
  • Technical regulations required by the APU.
  • Topographical map, if not then need to order it.
  • Land Book certificate and a copy of the plan of the land border.


Service rates
  • Individual projects:
  • The attraction for a land plot :
  • Project coordination:
  • Detailed plan:    Certified Architect, Arturs Vanags, mob. tel.: 27548770

All projects are developed in LATVIA and are in accordance with Latvian construction norms.