Timber frame houses

Timber struts and panel houses

Timber houses in recent years has become very popular in Latvia. Timber homes are comfortable, quick to construct. Our company offers build timber houses in a relatively short time, home being built on the site in accordance with the project construction site. Constructing a wooden homes on the site we are able to find solutions to various ideas and your wishes.

House facade

SIA White House Products offers a variety of opportunities for house facades:

  • We offer a wooden facade;
  • Plastic siding facade;
  • Various decorative facades;
  • As well as decorative stone facade.

Timber terrace

Timber terraces becomes even more popular in our modern time life homes projects. Demand in other countries is very big for these terraces, so our company offers a wide range of solutions and options to build terraces in your house projects. Our experts, who have gained a experience in different countries, always will be able to offer for you the most efficient and comfortable terraces solutions. Terraces are possible to build in a several levels, it is possible to build in them at places that are not used everyday life. Our experts will always kindly listen to your needs and find a the most suitable solution just for you.